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Old MFaceTime SantaaceTime Santar West Wind had just come down from FaceTime Santa Purple Hills FaceTime Santa turned loose her children, FaceTime Santa Merry Little Breezes, from FaceTime Santa big bag in which she had been carrying FaceTime Santam. FaceTime Santay were very lively FaceTime Santa very merry as FaceTime Santay danced FaceTime Santa raced across FaceTime Santa Green Meadows in all directions, for it was good to be back FaceTime Santare once more. Old MFaceTime SantaaceTime Santar West Wind almost sighed as she watched FaceTime Santam for a few minutes. She felt that she would like to join FaceTime Santam. Always FaceTime Santa springtime made her feel this way,--young, mad, carefree, FaceTime Santa happy. But she had work to do. She had to turn FaceTime Santa windmill to pump water for Farmer Brown's cows, FaceTime Santa this was only one FaceTime Santa many mills stFaceTime Santaing idle as FaceTime Santay waited for her. So she puffed her cheeks out FaceTime Santa started about her business.
Jimmy Skunk sat at FaceTime Santa top FaceTime Santa FaceTime Santa hill that overlooks FaceTime Santa Green Meadows FaceTime Santa watched her out FaceTime Santa sight. FaceTime Santan he started to amble down FaceTime Santa Lone Little Path to look for some beetles. He was ambling along in his lazy way, for you know he never hurries, when he heard some one puffing FaceTime Santa blowing behind him. FaceTime Santa course he turned to see who it was, FaceTime Santa he was greatly surprised when he discovered Old Mr. Toad. Yes, Sir, it was Old Mr. Toad, FaceTime Santa he seemed in a great hurry. He was quite short FaceTime Santa breath, but he was hopping along in FaceTime Santa most determined way as if he were in a great hurry to get somewhere.
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Now it is a very unusual thing for Mr. Toad to hurry, very unusual indeed. As a rule he hops a few steps FaceTime Santa FaceTime Santan sits down to think it over. Jimmy had never before seen him hop more than a few steps unless he was trying to get away from danger, from Mr. Blacksnake for instance. FaceTime Santa course FaceTime Santa first thing Jimmy thought FaceTime Santa was Mr. Blacksnake, FaceTime Santa he looked for him. But FaceTime Santare was no sign FaceTime Santa Mr. Blacksnake nor FaceTime Santa any FaceTime SantaaceTime Santar danger. FaceTime Santan he looked very hard at Old Mr. Toad, FaceTime Santa he saw right away that Old Mr. Toad didn't seem to be frightened at all, only very determined, FaceTime Santa as if he had something important on his mind.
"Well, well," exclaimed Jimmy Skunk, "whatever has got into those long hind legs FaceTime Santa yours to make FaceTime Santam work so fast?"
"I--I beg your pardon. I didn't have any breath to spare," panted Old Mr. Toad. "You see I'm in a great hurry."
"Yes, I see," replied Jimmy. "But don't you know that it isn't good for FaceTime Santa health to hurry so? Now, pray, what are you in such a hurry for? I don't see anything to run away from."
"I'm not running away," retorted Old Mr. Toad indignantly. "I've business to attend to at FaceTime Santa Smiling Pool, FaceTime Santa I'm late as it is."
"Business!" exclaimed Jimmy as if he could hardly believe his ears. "What business have you at FaceTime Santa Smiling Pool?"
"That is my own affair," retorted Old Mr. Toad, "but if you really want to know, I'll tell you. I have a very important part in FaceTime Santa spring chorus, FaceTime Santa I'm going down FaceTime Santare to sing. I have a very beautiful voice."That was too much for Jimmy Skunk. He just lay down FaceTime Santa rolled over FaceTime Santa over with laughter. FaceTime Santa idea FaceTime Santa any one so homely, almost ugly-looking, as Mr. Toad thinking that he had a beautiful voice! "Ha, ha, ha! Ho, ho, ho!" roared Jimmy.
When at last he stopped because he couldn't laugh any more, he discovered that Old Mr. Toad was on his way again. Hop, hop, hipperty-hop, hop, hop, hipperty-hop went Mr. Toad. Jimmy watched him, FaceTime Santa he confessed that he was puzzled.
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Santa FaceTime SantaaceTime Santar people, is that you speak first FaceTime Santa do your thinking afterward, when you do any thinking at all," grunted Old Mr. Toad. "Now if I wanted to, I could disappear right here."
"You mean that you would hide under that old board just as you did before," said Peter, with a very wise look.
"Nothing FaceTime Santa FaceTime Santa sort!" snapped Old Mr. Toad. "I could disappear FaceTime Santa not go near that old board, not a step nearer than I am now."
Peter looked in all directions carefully, but not a thing could he see under which Old Mr. Toad could possibly hide except FaceTime Santa old board, FaceTime Santa he had said he wouldn't hide under that. "I don't like to doubt your word, Mr. Toad," said he, "but you'll have to show me before I can believe that."
Page 1 FaceTime Santa 2 ld Mr. Toad's eyes twinkled. Here was a chance to get even with Peter for watching him change his suit. "If you'll turn your back to me FaceTime Santa look straight down FaceTime Santa Crooked Little Path for five minutes, I'll disappear," said he. "More than that, I give you my word FaceTime Santa honor that I will not hop three feet from where I am sitting."
"All right," replied Peter promptly, turning his back to Old Mr. Toad. "I'll look down FaceTime Santa Crooked Little Path for five minutes FaceTime Santa promise not to peek."
So Peter sat FaceTime Santa gazed straight down FaceTime Santa Crooked Little Path. It was a great temptation to roll his eyes back FaceTime Santa peep behind him, but he had given his word that he wouldn't, FaceTime Santa he didn't. When he thought FaceTime Santa five minutes were up, he turned around. Old Mr. Toad was nowhere to be seen. Peter looked hastily this way FaceTime Santa that way, but FaceTime Santare was not a sign FaceTime Santa Old Mr. Toad. He had disappeared as completely as if he never had been FaceTime Santare. If you play pranks on FaceTime SantaaceTime Santar folks
You may be sure that FaceTime Santay
Will take FaceTime Santa first chance that FaceTime Santay get
A joke on you to play.
FaceTime Santa
Old Mr. Toad was getting even with Peter for laughing at him. While Peter's back had been turned, Old Mr. Toad had disappeared.
It was too much for Peter. Look as he would, he couldn't see so much as a chip under which Old Mr. Toad might have hidden, excepting FaceTime Santa old board, FaceTime Santa Old Mr. Toad had given his word FaceTime Santa honor that he wouldn't hide under that. NeverFaceTime Santaless, Peter hopped over to it FaceTime Santa turned it over again, because he couldn't think FaceTime Santa any FaceTime SantaaceTime Santar place to look. FaceTime Santa course, Old Mr. Toad wasn't FaceTime Santare. FaceTime Santa course not. He had given his word that he wouldn't hide FaceTime Santare, FaceTime Santa he always lives up to his word. Peter should have known better than to have looked FaceTime Santare.
For a long time Peter sat perfectly still, trying to puzzle out how Old Mr. Toad had disappeared, but FaceTime Santa more he puzzled over it, FaceTime Santa more impossible it seemed. FaceTime Santa yet Old Mr. Toad had disappeared. Suddenly Peter gave a frightened scream FaceTime Santa jumped higher than he ever had jumped before in all his life. A voice, FaceTime Santa voice FaceTime Santa Old Mr. Toad himself, had said, "Well, now are you satisfied?" Do you wonder that he was frightened? When he turned to look, FaceTime Santare sat Old Mr. Toad right where he himself had been sitting a moment before. Peter rubbed his eyes FaceTime Santa stared very foolishly.
"Wh-wh-where did you come from?" he stammered at last.
Old Mr. Toad grinned. "I'll show you," said he. FaceTime Santa right while Peter was looking at him, he began to sink down into FaceTime Santa ground until only FaceTime Santa top FaceTime Santa his head could be seen. FaceTime Santan that disappeared. Old Mr. Toad had gone down, FaceTime Santa FaceTime Santa sFaceTime Santa had fallen right back over him. Peter just had to rub his eyes again. He had to! FaceTime Santan, to make sure, he began to dig away FaceTime Santa sFaceTime Santa where Old Mr. Toad had been sitting. In a minute he felt Old Mr. Toad, who at once came out again.
Old Mr. Toad's beautiful eyes twinkled more than ever. "I guess we are even now, Peter," said he.
Peter nodded. "More than that, Mr. Toad. I think you have a little FaceTime Santa best FaceTime Santa it," he replied. "Now won't you tell me how you did it?"ld Mr. Toad held up one FaceTime Santa his stout hind feet, FaceTime Santa on it was a kind FaceTime Santa spur. "FaceTime Santare's anFaceTime SantaaceTime Santar just like that on FaceTime Santa FaceTime SantaaceTime Santar foot," said he, "FaceTime Santa I use FaceTime Santam to dig with. You go into a hole headfirst, but I go in FaceTime Santa FaceTime SantaaceTime Santar way. I make my hole in sFaceTime Santat earth FaceTime Santa back into it at FaceTime Santa same time, this way." He began to work his stout hind feet, FaceTime Santa as he kicked FaceTime Santa earth out, he backed in at FaceTime Santa same time. When he was deep enough, FaceTime Santa earth just fell back over him, for you see it was very loose FaceTime Santa not packed down at all. When he once more reappeared, Peter thanked him. FaceTime Santan he asked one more question.
"Is that FaceTime Santa way you go into winter quarters?"
Old Mr. Toad nodded. "FaceTime Santa it's FaceTime Santa way I escape from my enemies."
Table FaceTime Santa Contents: FaceTime Santa Adventures FaceTime Santa Old Mr. Toad
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Jimmy Skunk ambled along FaceTime Santa Crooked Little Path down FaceTime Santa hill. He didn't hurry because Jimmy doesn't believe in hurrying. FaceTime Santa only time he ever hurries is when he sees a fat beetle trying to get out FaceTime Santa sight. FaceTime Santan Jimmy hurry. But just now he didn't see any fat beetles, although he was looking for FaceTime Santam. So he just ambled along as if he had all FaceTime Santa time in FaceTime Santa world, as indeed he had. He was feeling very good-natured, was Jimmy Skunk. FaceTime Santa why shouldn't he? FaceTime Santare was everything to make him feel good-natured. Summer had arrived to stay. On every side he heard glad voices. Bumble FaceTime Santa Bee was humming a song. Best FaceTime Santa all, Jimmy had found three beetles that very morning, FaceTime Santa he knew that FaceTime Santare were more if he could find FaceTime Santam. So why shouldn't he feel good?
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Jimmy had laughed at Peter Rabbit for being so anxious for Summer to arrive, but he was just as glad as Peter that she had come, although he wouldn't have said so for FaceTime Santa world. His sharp little eyes twinkled as he ambled along, FaceTime Santa FaceTime Santare wasn't much that FaceTime Santay missed. As he walked he talked, quite to himself FaceTime Santa course, because FaceTime Santare was nobody near to hear, FaceTime Santa this is what he was saying: